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Featuring custom designed website and brand design for Vista Migration And Education Services. Designed and built from the scratch this website features a custom photography of the beautiful Sydney harbour, custom interactions and animations, a robust cms database, custom forms and plugin integration, SEO optimised, Local business Schema markup, High quality stock images and icons and many more.


This is a rebranding project . Client already had an existing website and a logo However after a through assessment we found a lot of room and scope for noticeable improvements. We offered a brand new Powerful website packed with features and a new elegant, 100% unique and meaningful logo. This is a one of a kind website out there. Consists of over 100 static and dynamic pages. Two country's landing pages with seperate blogs.

Client also wanted to be able to provide his consulting services online and take payment and bookings.

Design Features

When it comes to designing a custom website we give our best within the project budget. We pay extra attention to details and strategic placement of elements . Our highly experienced designers always exceed client's expectation in producing a aesthetically pleasing masterpieces.

Nav Menu

At the very top of the site is the menu or nav bar. On desktop mode it features a huge drop down with plenty of room to fit a large number of links. When This slick modern nav bar is resting at the top the page has a transparent background and the logo is white.

Mega menu dropdown

However when the page is scrolled down it transforms into an opaque white background with black logo with an animation. This will surely catch attention of the site visitor and make navigation easy and intuitive.

Dropdown menu containing image based choices

It was a challenging task, given that this website has so many pages.

Animated Expanding Tabs

The service offering windows that expand on hover. this is a custom designed tabs that features all the services that the client is offering. This menu items are dynamic. It allows you to change / update / add a new service in the database and it gets updated everywhere. conveniently maintain your website without having send money every time.

Snapshot of the animating tabs section.

Three states of the tabs section.

Google review section

Like most of the elements of this website the google review section is also custom designed to suit with the brand and design theme of the website.

Homepage blog section

Homepage blog post section. Designed in a way to grab attention with custom animations when they are scrolled in view.

Snap shot of the homepage blog section

Contact Us form

Contact us form with custom input options.

Footer Section

Contact us form with custom input options.

Snapshot of the project website's Footer section

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