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Please Read Thoroughly before you intend to use our services.


This website is operated by NOVORIUM under GOGIGIA PTY LTD ABN 32 619 375 352. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Novorium. Novorium offers this website, including all information, tools and services available from this site to you, the user, conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies and notices stated here.

Your use of NOVORIUM website and its products and services will be subject to the following terms and conditions. By using the website Novorium.com.au/.com/.io/.net/.tech you are deemed to agree & accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy.  

NOVORIUM maintains the sole right to amend this Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy at any time. Periodical review for any changes made in our terms and conditions is recommended. It is your responsibility to review the changes in the terms and conditions. If you choose to continue using this website after any changes have been made means that you agree to accept to the changes enacted. We will not be liable to for your review about the modifications, alterations, changes adopted within the terms and conditions. We recommend you NOT to use this website and associated services if you do not accept and abide by the terms and conditions.  Novorium provides IT solutions, products and human resources referred to as “SERVICES” collectively. Services offered by Novorium are subject to the Client’s acceptance (referred to as “Client”) of and compliance with the Terms and Conditions (referred to as “Terms”) and the terms of the Service Level Assurance (referred to as “SLA”) as mentioned below:


NOVORIUM holds no liability for any implications caused by the membership settings and terms and conditions instituted by you for your End Users and your End Users’ decisions, actions  and implications related to accessing, utilising or processing of Your Data and data and information or any form of digital content created, promoted or distributed through using services provided by Novorium to You.  

To access NOVORIUM Services or NOVORIUM Websites You may be asked to supply necessary information including personal information to allow You to provide Your desired service. By accepting these terms and conditions, you accept that all the information provided by You will be correct, current, complete, and meet the necessary compliance set by the respective regulatory bodies. Novorium holds the right to refuse, discontinue, suspend or stop providing services if any discrepancies have been identified and terminate Client’s account if deemed necessary as per governing rules, regulations and policies applied concerning focal Client’s business operations.  

NOVORIUM may store and utilise information provided by You for NOVORIUM’s ongoing research and development and marketing initiatives to innovate & deliver superior services. Novirium may purchase information about you from third party marketplace and may integrate with Your supplied information to compliment or enhance Novorium’s knowledge about You. The interactions between Novorium and You via different communication channel can be stored and processed for training and quality purposes of the company.

Websites developed by NOVORIUM will allow You to collect information from your End Users (Name, phone numbers, email, address etc). Any information you collect through Services provided by Novorium about Your End Users is considered “Your Data”  according to the agreement of this terms and conditions, therefore Your End Users’ information must be collected following with your terms and conditions and privacy policies adhering common law.  


NOVORIUM has sole ownership, license or legal permission to use utilise the intellectual property, copyright, trademarks and its content including but not limited to text, graphics, design concepts, source codes, business model, distinctive service processes that can be accessed through this website. Purchasing services from NOVORIUM will allow You and Your End Users to access the applications embedded within the services. You cannot reproduce, distribute, or sell any content supplied to You by Novorium without possessing prior explicit consent obtained from Novorium.  

Service level agreement/service terms

The commencement date of the terms and condition is the date you enrol and purchased NOVORIUM’s services and the terms and condition will end on the date the delivery of service will terminate by either of us. NOVORIUM maintains the authority to apply or use its branding, logo, product name, design, URL, or any type of artefact to all website produce by Novorium. Decision to  use Novorium’s branding, logo, product name, design, URL or any type of artefact within the Websites NOVORIUM will come in force immediately on the commencement of the terms and condition without requiring any consent or approval from the clients or customers of NOVORIUM.    

Service level agreement/service

NOVORIUM may deliver clients services that include but not limited to the following: Website Design & Development and associated or affiliated or complimentary products or services, Content creation and development, Digital Marketing.

Any new feature that compliment, supplements or maximise the Services will be considered being part of the Services unless explicitly specified. Novorium holds the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the Services  or any part thereof, based lack of cooperation, unexpected delay from client or failure to comply with the necessary payment at any time, without prior notice. Client must accept that that he/she/they, or any related third party, must not hold Novorium or its suppliers accountable for any losses, damages or consequences whatsoever due to such deferment, alteration, or discontinuation of the Services.

Website design, development & maintenance

Novorium will commit maximum and every effort to ensure that the design of the website and any other work done by us is free from errors; however, Novorium will not accept any responsibility for losses incurred because of malfunction of the website or any other aspect. Novorium will be the legal owner of the website, programming work, content, graphics, and any other material until the Client clears all outstanding accounts in full.

Any work delivered by Novorium will remain Novorium’s property and copyright of Novorium exclusively, unless otherwise agreed, and may be commercially reproduced or resold only with the explicit permission of Novorium and will require a new agreement. Novorium holds no liability for any kind of copyright infringements caused because of information supplied by the client.

Novorium reserves the right to charge the Client accordingly for any correction or additions or advancement necessary to continue delivering the services. Novorium will not be liable for any modification of charges that are determined by third party. Novorium will not be responsible for any loss of earnings, or profits or  compensation or costs incurred due to any tasks or work carried out by the Client, any tasks or work done on behalf of the Client, or by any third-party agents appointed by the Client. Novorium is not liable for loss of earnings, compensation or costs incurred because of the unavailability of the servers, website, software, or other services provided by its agents or third-party provider.

E-Commerce & Application development

Novorium holds no liability for any losses caused by any application., software that we create for   the client. We take the maximum and every care to ensure the accuracy and perfection of our products, the ultimate responsibility remains with the Client to ensure that all products are functioning properly before use. The Client will be responsible to seek and/ or provide any, support, information, additional software and/ or co-operation relating to the server required for application to be developed correctly where applications and site are developed on servers that are not provided by Novorium. For development of large-scale applications, the Client must provide an appropriate testing environment that is identical to the Client’s final production environment. Any application or programming with reference to a website developed by Novorium, the Client must fully test before making that available for general use. Novorium will make an effort but hold no obligations to correct errors, malwares, viruses or issues of any kind are found in the website developed by us after the site is live to meet the standards of site’s function highlighted in the brief.

Acceptable use policy

NOVORIUM expect clients to use their services with necessary due diligence. Wrongful alterations, reverse engineering, attempt to gain unauthorised access or engaging in activities that violates the spirit of a reasonable citizen. It has been agreed and assumed by Novorium that Client’s use of Novorium services is solely for lawful commercial and business purposes; and any unlawful activities will result legal implications for which Novorium will hold no responsibility and will fully cooperate with concerning authority to prohibit such unlawful or illegal activities.


Client agrees to pay Novorium the service fee for any Program or Service, they purchase, enrol or receive from Novorium based on interest and acceptance and agreement by themselves, as applicable to the terms of the Payment Plan that the Client  preferred, selected, including all applicable taxes, if any, the service fee becomes mandatorily payable in effect at the time in accordance with the billing terms. Novorium also holds and reserves the right to pursue alternative means of payment including debt collection services and client or client will be liable for all costs associated for collection, including without limitation, legal, administrative or attorneys’ fees. All fees and transactions are in Australian Dollars and inclusive of levies, taxes, or duties applied by regulatory and taxation authorities, and client will be responsible for payment of all such taxes, levies, or duties. Novorium is not and cannot be held responsible for any type of payments made through any other modes except for the one specified by Novorium.

Payment collection

The Client is always responsible to maintain a valid and active payment method to ensure successful completion of transaction.  In circumstances if Client’s payment method is found unavailable, inactive or incapacitated to complete the payment., Novorium holds complete legal right to immediately and temporarily suspend the services, and ongoing or permanently following the actions taken by clients to resolve the disruption of the payment. If the payment is not received or paid by the client, Novorium reserves the right to terminate the Agreement completely or in full  and will retain ownership of the web site, or any other associated Services until specified time the account has been paid in full.  


Client must pay all amount in full owed by client to Novorium for service provided prior to the verified cancellation date and throughout the agreement prorated for partial months will not be adjusted. For security and privacy purposes the billing related queries and request for cancellation requests MUST be made in via writing or email. Cancellation requests for the services only if received in writing and only if made by the main authorizing party will only be processed and exercised.  Any cancellations done for any reason will lead to a full payment of the agreed price after the cooling-off stage by the client and unless it is mutually agreed between Novorium and the Client will result immediate termination of the contract,. For security and training purposes, communication between client and Novorium may be stored.  

Custom project/code/hosting transfer

Generally, we highly recommend our clients to rely on us to maintain their website. We can leverage our expertise to provide the best services to the users of our clients' website. It is important to note that managing and maintaining a website is an ongoing task which require professional expertise and necessary technical exposure to ensure secured, reliable and safe use of the website.

If a client prefer to transfer an entire project including the technical codes, we will provide full assistance to proceed. There will be a project transfer fee of $275 will apply if transferred within the first 12 months of the project completion. The transfer fee will be $225 from the 2nd year and onward.

Once the project is transferred "Novorium" will bear no liability about any technical difficulties experienced by the client. We charge a fee of $125 per hour for the first hour and then $55 per hour to address any technical difficulties experienced by the clients after the project is transferred. Please note, this rate may vary depending on the problem and our resource availability.

Terms and conditions disclaimers and limitation of liability

Novorium to the extent permitted by the law, is not responsible for any direct, indirect consequential damage or loss including but not limited to loss of business, data, opportunity and/ or profit) resulted due to the use of the website of Novorium and websites developed and managed by Novorium. Novorium does not guarantee that the website’s features or functionalities will be uninterrupted or seamless, that errors or defects will be corrected and / or that the infrastructure, website or server responsible for making it available are free of any malware or anything else that can be destructive or harmful.    

Agreement to the policy

While client submit any form or information Novorium believes client agrees with the sated terms and conditions. If you have any queries or concern or clarification or verification, it is advised to contact us.