How 3D Printing is going to change the world.

March 10, 2020
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3D Printing

Since the 80s, 3D printing has been a working technology, but we are experiencing a paradigm change at the moment.
This follows a common trend of lower costs, easier construction, cheaper raw materials and higher volumes. 3D When
Printing technology has long been the company sphere, and we are at the threshold of personal 3D printing. From MakerBot
A 3D printer company has a 3D printer vision in every house, an improved version of the popular Microsoft slogan.
A PC in every home.

As picture printers, 3D printers tend to be on a similar track. If we repeat this sequence, we
3D printers in many homes are just a few years away with low purchase costs (and mark-ups on raw materials),
Like the digital print shops that exist in most cities today, but also specialised facilities such as local 3D printing houses,
Providing fast competent printing work. But personal photo printers have also contributed to a disruption in the industry, where most photographers
Production laboratories have lost their firms.

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